Small Animal Visits Nutfield and Surrey

Our service overs a wide range of small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs , hamsters and gerbils for example. We have a wealth of experience gained from handling small animals over a number of years. Whether your pets are kept indoors or in the garden we are here to cater for all their needs.

During the initial consultation we take care to listen and note your specific requirements for the care of your pet.

What's included:
  • Supply of fresh food and water
  • Cleaning of food and water containers
  • Cleaning out of cages if required
  • Basic health check
  • Administering medication if required
  • Regular text updates as to the wellbeing of your pet


Welcome Home

We encourage our clients to leave a shopping list should they desire fresh bread, tea, coffee, milk etc. on their return.


We are able to open/close curtains, turn lights/T.V. on/off as desired to give the illusion the house is lived in.

Cleaning Services

We are happy to wash any leftover pots from the day of your departure and wipe down surfaces. As with all our services we will clean up after your animals so knowing where your hoover is stored is always an advantage. Wheelie bins are also put out/taken in.

Texts or E-mails

If you are nervous about leaving your pet behind and want to know what they have been up to then you can receive texts or emails to find out just how they are getting on. Or even connect with us on Facebook.


We can water plants at your request both inside and out.