Puppy Visit Service Nutfield and Surrey

4Paws Pet Care offers a full range of services which are designed and personalised for puppy owners who may be at work during the day, have other commitments or are on holiday. A large amount of common behavioural problems such as chewing and digging are simply the result of boredom and insufficient exercise. Puppies especially need extra love and care. Leaving young puppies at home for the first time can be worrying both for you and the dog, we are here to offer support during this crucial time.

  • We will come to your home within a prescribed time period and play with your puppy in the familiar surroundings of your home.
  • When your puppy is old enough and has had vaccinations we are able to provide a puppy walking service which will help to socialise your puppy and include lots of fun games.
  • Includes feeding and providing water as well as cleaning up any accidents and providing toilet breaks.
  • Flexible, daily or occasional service to suit your puppies needs.
  • Price is per household not per pet - two puppies? No problem and no extra cost.
  • We can send you text or e-mail updates to tell you how your new best friend is getting.
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